The 2015 Scituate Science Spectacular



The third annual district-wide science event is coming April 9th, 2015 from 4pm to 7pm at Scituate High School. If you are a student, register here so you can exhibit your science experiment or demonstration. If you live in Scituate and use science in your work or hobbies, you can share your skills with the town in our Science in Scituate exhibit, or come and view the ongoing work of our Mentorship Scientists. The whole family can sink their hands into science at our Hands-on Science exhibit and see what our Exploration Camp Scientists learned this year. So tell all your friends and neighbors and join us for a night of FREE science fun that builds excitement for everyone!

Our Goals
Our approach on this district-wide science event is rooted in our desire to :

  • build excitement and interest in Science
  • make learning fun through hands-on activities
  • involve all interested members of the familyAlexis Hine
  • create visibility for science students and practitioners

To accomplish this, we bring members of the community together to create opportunities to show our students how science is used everyday within our town and by our folk, and to provide them with the possibility to collaborate on community-based projects, learning the Scientific Method through practice and real-world experience.

The Event
The Scituate Science Spectacular revolves around three main exhibits: A Hands-On Science area where students and families interact with science experiments and live demonstrations; a Student Exhibit area which highlights the results of student-produced scientific research and experimentation as well as exhibits by science-oriented school groups; and a Science in Scituate exhibit where parents and other community members put on an interactive show and detail how science is being used here in Scituate and beyond.

The Mentorship Program
In addition, we ran our third Science Mentorship Program held once a week for five weeks beginning in February 2015 at the Scituate High School. This program helps motivate students from Kindergarden through High School in designing an experiment based on their own motivations, passions, and interests. The five week sessions’ goal is to guide students through the steps of the scientific or engineering method to produce rich experimentation and results based on solid methodology.

How You Can Help
We are looking for a few motivated high school students and adults to help with our mentorship program; we are looking for parental volunteers to help coordinate science experiments and a science quiz show; as well as a web guru that can help with administrative work. We will need volunteers to help plan the details and run the Hands on Science exhibit, including students and parents; we will need some help with the Star Lab; we will need help putting up and taking down tables; and we will need help gathering materials and other resources.

Finally, everyone can help just by getting to word out! Talk to your kids about the Scituate Science Spectacular and ask them to consider participating. Print out our posters and hang them around your school, your PTO, your local hot spots, maybe have a few registration forms available for kids you think might be interested.

Contact us via email at

Scituate Science Spectacular

The Big DayApril 9th, 2015

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