Scituate Science Spectacular

Scituate Science Spectacular on Wednesday, April 13th


The 4th annual district-wide science event took place on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 from 4pm to 7pm at Scituate High School. Thanks to all the students, teachers, volunteers and community members who joined us! A great day of science and fun and community spirit. Thanks Scituate!

In addition to this headline event, we are adding a number of other activities and events both before and after.


Starting on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 was our FREE six week Mentorship Program to give students the opportunity to build an experiment or demonstration following their own interests to be displayed at the Scituate Science Spectacular.

Details on the mentorship page.

Thursdays 2/25, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24 and 3/31 from 2:45 – 4:45pm at Gates Middle School.

We have set aside Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 for a Scituate Student Showcase, a new event the SciSpec team is hosting to give our middle and high school students and their esteemed educators the opportunity to display the Project Based Learning (PBL) work they will be completing this year. Although the event will be organized by the SciSpec team, participation will be open to any and all Project Based Learning work completed within our district that we know our families will be excited to see.

After multiple requests, we are also planning another Scituate Science Symposium, as seen after the 2014 SciSpec. We will host this event on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 on the same night as the Scituate Student Showcase. This program gives our local scientists an opportunity to develop a ten minute talk about their work to our high school students and any other interested member of our community. Anyone who is interested in presenting or suggesting a speaker, please contact us.

New this year, we are excited to announce that we are working with Dr. Katie McBrine of Scituate Pediatrics to develop a “When It’s Time to Change” Seminar to offer to our Scituate youth ages 8-12 and their parents. This seminar will be an opportunity to introduce your child to a physician presented information session about the changes they should expect during puberty.

Finally, in order to further develop our scientific community mentorship model, we are hoping to develop a new Mentorship Outreach Program for elementary school students, giving them the opportunity to use their new-found scientific skills to present some of our Exploration Stations to other local youth including scouting troops (Hello Science Badges!) and possibly some of Scituate’s pre-schools. While we will be trying to model some acitivities within our own elementary school in a Docent Art type program, our hope is that we can eventually use this model to interact with other school districts as well, developing a South Shore Youth Science Consortium, bringing together our South Shore science community and building a network of events to better support our young scientists.

Our Goals

Our approach on this district-wide science event is rooted in our desire to :

  • build excitement and interest in Science
  • make learning fun through hands-on activities
  • involve all interested members of the family
  • create visibility for science students and science practitioners

To accomplish this, we bring members of the community together to create opportunities to show our students how Science is used everyday within our town and by our folk, and to provide them with the possibility to collaborate on community-based projects, learning the Scientific Method through practice and real-world experience.

The Events
The Scituate Science Spectacular revolves around several events as outlined above, combining Hands-On Science with Student Exhibit areas for students of all ages and Science in Scituate exhibits where parents and other community members detail how science is being used here in Scituate and beyond every day.

The Mentorship Program
In support of our events, we organize a Science Mentorship Program held once a week for several weeks before the SciSpec. This program helps motivate students from Kindergarden through High School to work together in designing an experiment based on their own motivations, passions, and interests.

How You Can Help
We are looking for a few motivated high school students and adults to help with our mentorship program; we are looking for parental volunteers to help coordinate science experiments and a science quiz show and to help plan the details and run the Hands on Science exhibits. Please contact us if you are able to help.

Finally, everyone can help us just by getting to word out! Talk to your kids about the Scituate Science Spectacular and ask them to consider participating. Print out our posters and hang them around your school, your PTO, your local hot spots, maybe have a few registration forms available for kids you think might be interested.

If you or your company is able to donate to our volunteer organization, please visit our donation page. Scituate Science Spectacular is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Contact us via email at

Scituate Science Spectacular

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